Mera Merch is an indie clothing label that brings you the most amazing t-shirts and accessories online inspired by everything pop culture! Mera Merch offers a wide range of products from cool t shirts and sweatshirts to accessories like badges, posters, laptop skins and fridge magnets. A t-shirt is a perfect canvas to showcase your creativity, passion and personality. At Mera Merch, we work with some of the best designers and illustrators from all around the globe to offer you a fresh and unique selection of designer t-shirts.

If you’re looking for a t-shirt to help you express yourself and the things you love, we have you covered. Check out our collection of cool t shirts online in India. From funny t-shirts with epic parodies and hilarious one liners to intricate graphic designs inspired by your favourite movie and TV show characters. We have something for everyone! Our collection of online t shirts are screen printed to perfection on 100% cotton tshirts. We provide cash on delivery and free shipping all over India with a hassle free return policy to make sure you have a pleasant online shopping experience.

Free Merch Maker

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What is a merch ?

Merchandising is everything you do to promote and sell your products once the potential customer is in your store. When we talk about merchandise, we are talking about products available for sale, typically in a retail setting. Since the sales process often starts with the eyes, merchandising typically involves presenting products in a visually favorable light, to try and encourage purchases.

Free Merch Maker with Mera Merch's mockup generator

No Hassle

There’s no need to worry about production, storage, and logistics.

Save Money

No Setup cost. No inventory Cost. Get paid when someone places an order.

Free Support

Staff are standing by to help out with any concerns you may have.

Why Create Merch ?

Customize your Creativity


Mera Merch offers you a platform to bring your creativity to life. It’s like a blank canvas, symbolizing a new start and giving you the opportunity to showcase your artistic side. Customize a range of products with your favorite design, artwork, tagline, or just about anything and sell it to your fans.

Promote your Brand

If you want to grow your fan base and promote yourself as a brand, creating custom merch is the solution. Merchandising is a great marketing tool that will help in spreading the awareness about your niche and expanding your reach beyond your existing fan base.   

Connect with your Fans

Launching your official merch for your fans is a new and fun way to connect with them. They are already following you and by purchasing your merch, they will start loving you even more. So, create your custom products and let your fans flaunt your name.

Make Some Extra Money

Do you know of anyone who doesn’t like to have an added source of income? Well, in today’s time nearly everyone wants to earn some extra cash, especially when there is no risk involved.  

Whether you are an influencer, NGO, a gamer, musician or anyone with a fan following, launching your merch store with Mera Merch comes for free. Plus, you can set your own prices and decide on your profit margins, taking control of your earnings.

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Mera Merch currently has

  1. 100% cotton tshirts
  2. polyester tshirts

We are looking to add hoodies, cushions and mugs later on.
If you have a product you’d like to sell, please send us your details on [email protected]

Design your merch using Mera Merch’s FREE merch maker tool.

  1. Sign up as a creator on MeraMerch
  2. You’ll recieve an email with all necessary steps to create merch online
  3. Choose your product from the vast variety available with us
  4. Design your merch online, add text, images to tshirts and mugs
  5. Set a selling price for the merch
  6. Submit it to us, we’ll review and let you know if your product is eligible to be sold on Mera Merch

If you’ve successfully created and submitted merch design to us, and have recieved an approval email as well, your designs will we added on Mera Merch store

Whenever someone buys a tshirt with your design on it, we pay you.

Know more about payments and withdrawals.