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Express Yourself with Stylish T-Shirts from Mera Merch

T-shirts are one of the most popular garments in fashion all around the world. From lounging, casual day-outs, to vacations and even formal events, a good T-shirt takes you everywhere. T-shirts initially came out in the 1900s for the first time when the US Navy made them part of their uniform. These were plain, short-sleeved white T-shirts with a crew neck. It was around the late 1960s that it became a mode of personal style, like a walking souvenir of art.

Types of T-shirts on Mera Merch

There is no such thing as too many T-shirts. Short-sleeved or full sleeve T-shirts, basic or graphic T-shirts, and all time favorite black tshirts there are as many choices as there are moods.

At Mera Merch, you can find the following types of T-shirts:


These are in high trend all over the fashion industry. These come in a snug fit and show the natural lines of your body.


This fit is the most popular type of T-shirt for women as well as men. These are neither too fitting nor too loose, making them a comfortable choice for a sports T-shirt.


These are a favourite choice for T-shirts for men and well as women. These are more breathable than regular fit T-shirts and allow more movement. Moreover, these are a rage when it comes to trends and fashion. They hang loosely from your body, not clinging to your skin.


A fashion trend that has returned to the runway, the boxy fit T-shirt is the dream union of comfort and style. These are more structured than loose fit T-shirts and hang stiffly from the sides, hence the name ‘boxy’ fit.


T-shirts are one of the most versatile garments in the whole universe of fashion. Here are a few ways of how men and women can style T-shirts for various occasions:


Layer a slim-fit T-shirt with a nice checked shirt for a laid-back look. This OTTD is perfect for a day in the sun with your friends. When it comes to printed T-shirts, do not be afraid to go for bold prints. Also, do not think that prints are only great for T-shirts for girls. Men too carry off this trend with grace and can pull off bold prints perfectly well. For a semi-formal or formal occasion, try styling polo T-shirts with a pair of formal trousers.


For an athleisure look, try to pair your T-shirt with a pair of joggers and a nice pair of sneakers. You can pick a nice sporty T-shirt from our range of Adidas T-shirts. The classic white T-shirt is a staple for fashionistas. Pair it with a pair of ripped jeans for an evergreen look.

Buy the Best T-shirts from Mera Merch

Stress no more about going store to store to find your perfect T-shirt. Whether it is girls’ or boys’ T-shirts, pick a style that best reflects your style. Lay back, relax, and scroll through our extensive T-shirt collection. While you are at it, don’t forget to check out our collection of jumpsuits. Fashion now doesn’t get bigger than Mera Merch. We offer you the best of styles and brands at the best prices and deals.